Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While we don’t generally get involved in land purchases, we’re more than happy to help you in your considerations. A quick phone call or email to us may give you the peace of mind you need to know your decision is a good one. Check out our ‘Buying/working with your land’ page under the ‘Tips and Tools’ menu to give you a better insight.

At Mellross Homes we offer a great range of Pre-Determined Home and Land Packages to suit anyone from the first home buyer, the investor or family living. We can Also tailor make a package to suit you

Contact one of the sales staff at Mellross Homes and we can start the Design and Pricing process

Our skilled design team will assist you in selecting a design or customising a home that best suits your block and meets your needs.


Yes! All of our standard designs can be altered to suit you and your family’s individual needs. Having built so many homes for families across NSW we have seen many different variations made to plans. We realise you are making one of the biggest investments in your lifetime so we want you to have the home you want and that works for you.

Yes, we can provide you with an estimate for any design you come up with. Simply click on ‘Submit your own design’ under the designs menu. From here you can upload a plan and give us all the relevant information to proceed.

Yes. We use the Housing Industry Association’s (HIA) Lump Sum Building Contract.


As you can imagine, this largely depends on the size of your home, but also factors in market conditions, the availability of trades, labour and materials outside of builders control affecting the timeframe. We have excellent relationships with suppliers and trades to ensure your new home is built in an acceptable timeframe. At the time of receiving your Housing Industry Association building agreement it will noted and you will be made aware of the timeframe to complete your new home.


All charges and fees associated with the Home Owners Warranty Insurance are covered by Mellross Homes.


Mellross Homes offers all of their clients a 7 year structural warranty in addition to a 90 day maintenance period.


Yes. The Mellross Homes Sales and Design consultant will give you a copy of the pre-contract quotation before receiving a full set of plans, selection schedule, work addenda and contract. Everything is documented.


This greatly depends on what has been altered. Generally speaking, if you remove an item or area of the home you get money back, reposition an item, then no cost and if you add an item or area to the home then there is a cost involved. If this is the case we ensure that any variation is done the most cost-effective way.


Yes. Our highly trained selection consultants are conversant with different colour, trends and styles and will be more than happy to assist you. We invite all Mellross Homes clients to visit our selection showroom to ensure they are fully informed and happy with the finish, inclusions and quality present in their new home.


No, we don’t offer a kit home erection service. In the same respect though to have us build a house for you is primarily the same thing – We provide you the kit, but also are also contracted to build it. This would also mean we guarantee our work, you have structural warranty and you know you have a quality built home with quality inclusions. I’m sure you would also find that our price would be very competitive compared to having to buy a kit home, pay to have it built, adding all of the extras, while at the same time avoiding a lot of the hassle.